Saturday, September 11, 2010


Culmak have been making hand finished brushes in the UK since 1805. Take a look at the Culmak website and you will find just a few low priced shaving products. I bought this Viscount bristle shaving brush for just £4.99 delivered. Take out postage and VAT, and it leaves just £3.08 for Culmak. It's a stiff little brush, doesn't hold a lot of lather but it does whip it up and it's quite comfortable on the face. And it does the job. It's not only the Chinese who can offer great value.


  1. Hi Fido,
    Firstly i have to congrats your blog. it has many great information..
    i have some vintage Culmak brushes few of them with orginal knot rest of them reknotted. i like them all. They are nice hefty great shape and butterscotch aged catalin.. Few times try to reach culmak company and sent my vintage culmak brush pictures and requested to produce same handle shape and try to learn some information about my brushes but no way and no reply from the culmak company UK.
    i also have shaving blog includes my experince with brushes, razors ets.
    Greetings from Turkey.

  2. Thank you for your kind remarks.