Friday, November 13, 2009

Things are looking up!

Things are looking up.

Ruth went out for the evening. Time to play. Had already shaved early morning but so what?
Gave myself a serious talking to. What was my first round of golf like? Total disaster. Should have packed up there and then. Soldiered on, had lots of practice, then years of delight - on and off. The point is - all things involving a degree of skill take time to learn. It's often best to find out how good you can become at something. When you do, that's the time to decide on keeping it up or not.

So off to the stash, tools selected then strop and action. Gradually things seemed to look up. The blade started to feel a bit more comfortable and I got a bit bolder and managed two passes. Kept clear of the tricky bits. It was a relief to tidy up with my Jagger DE, but I did quite a bit with the straight without nicks.

Had the day off today - off out to friends. So it was a nice easy Jagger session.

More time at the weekend. It will be back to the straight. But I do still wonder. If choosing between a two wheeled bike and a penny farthing, why would I choose the latter?

To be continued.........

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