Wednesday, November 25, 2009

By wednesday!

How quickly things move on! I am now using my straight on most days. I am following a very simple regime. A down pass, then up pass with my straight with just a little more effort to extend my range according to time and my mood of the day. Then I finish with an ATG pass and tidy up with my DE razor. I'm getting really smooth shaves, very few nicks and a skin feeling afterwards so good I know I'll never go back to DE shaving alone. There will be days when lack of time means I'll leave the straight alone. But when ever possible the new regime will reign. I guess of all the lessons to be learned for any shave it is to take your time and relax. The need to hurry spells trouble! Better not to shave at all.

So to all wannabe straight razor candidates, if Fido can take to it, there's hope for everyone. As a cack -handed, impatient type who doesn't like to fiddle around with anything that might be troublesome I was always a doubtful straight shaver. I'm not in any hurry to complete a shave with a straight alone, so the DE will have a part to play for a while yet. But the day may come....

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