Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Only the smallest amount of cream is needed with the generous addition of water to produce a rich, creamy, silky smooth & extremely decadent lather resulting in a remarkably close shave."

This is the opening sales pitch for a new cream just launched by Simpsons.

It reminded me of something I've thought about recently. I always seem to end up with more lather than I need. Typical advice is to use about an almond size blob of cream to make lather in a bowl. I guess my almonds are on the generous side because I produce a lot of lather with most of my creams.

Fact is, you really do need only a small amount of cream, so to get better value from the more expensive brands perhaps we should take more care to get them to last a bit longer.

But I guess this applies to many things we regularly use?


  1. I agree that there tends to be too much lather, but I don't agree at all with Simpsons statement, unless their cream is different than most. Too much water and not enough product usually equals a thin unusable lather.

  2. I agree. But I'm not buying the Simpsons cream to find out!