Friday, May 25, 2012

Shaving brush hair

When running your fingers through the hair of a shaving brush when dry you will notice significant differences. Some may feel silky smooth, others may be a little prickly or "scritchy" - almost rough. This is rarely a guide to how the brush will feel when lathered up and applied to your face. Some of my most expensive top end brushes feel quite scritchy when dry, including my Plissons, Simpsons and Rooney - High Mountain White, Super, Two Band and Finest. Yet these most often have the softest tips and feel exceptionally comfortable on the face.

So when you first feel a brush, don't rush to judgement before you use it.

I did read an explanation for the cause of scritchiness in a brush when dry. I cannot recall it now. If anyone can come up with something post a comment!

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