Saturday, April 21, 2012

How much do you need to spend?

Many shaving enthusiasts spend a small fortune on the products they use. Including me. I have bought brushes that cost over £200, razors over £100 and creams and soaps up to about £45.

On the other hand I have a few things that cost very little. I used some today.

Palmolive soap sticks (I stuff them in a bowl) cost about 50p in the UK. The Lord L122 razor was £6. The old brush was a gift which I re knotted and the Hydro Balm was on offer at £2.50. My red Personna blade was 7.5p.

And a fine shave it was too.

Perhaps we all get carried away. And it can be fun, but if money is tight, you can have great shaves without the need to spend a lot of money. As any golfer will tell you, technique is more important than equipment. So too, with shaving.


  1. Are you agree with me the most important part in shaving to get a comfortable shaving is choosing a good brand of blade and razor

  2. It's important to find a blade that you like. And a razor that suits you. Most DE blades don't cost much. You can spend a lot on a razor but achieve very good shaves with razors that cost very little. Like the Lord razor I used here or a good value vintage razor that you can buy through many shaving forums or on Ebay.