Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shaving Forums

When actively participating in shaving forums it is often difficult to avoid giving the impression that you are there to promote your business, directly or indirectly. I was  an enthusiastic member of shaving forums before I established New Forest Brushes and I have noted some negativity since. Perhaps based on the assumption that I had been pursuing a commercial interest all along. It's a shame and completely without foundation.
There are many small businesses that have started after the internet has made it possible for enthusiasts to discuss shaving as a hobby. There are soap makers, after shave producers and many custom brush makers, many of whom are active participants on the forums. I noted that most shaving brush brands have been around for a very long time and it seemed to me that there was scope for a new brand aimed at enthusiasts by a fellow enthusiast. I guess that to continue as an enthusiastic contributor will be seen by some as self promotion - a point of view I can understand.

I have seen many of the big names in shaving registering on the shaving forums and participating as vendors. Conflicts of interest seem often to be mentioned. Sometimes it seems inevitable that someone will interpret something in a way not intended. It's not something I want to expose myself to if I can now avoid it.

I was an early member of my "home" forum, the UK based "The Shaving Room" From now on, that's where I will spend most of my time browsing and contributing as best I can. I'll keep an eye on other forums but mainly as an observer. They are such interesting places!

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