Sunday, March 20, 2011

Todays' shave - another new soap!

Nanny's come a long way. As an early tester and reviewer, I described a scent as reminding me of shoe polish and had to rush to shave before the lather dried out. Undeterred, and what a pain it must have been, Sharon persevered and now produces some very fine soaps. This is one described as a soap with a softer recipe, more like a cream. Well, I reckon it is a cream. It's certainly softer than Castle Forbes creams. An absolute delight to use, pleasing scent, creamy, stable lather and a real pleasure to shave off leaving the skin nice and soft. I'm looking forward to a lavender scent for this one. Then I won't need to spend £20 plus on more Castle Forbes. It's that good. On second thoughts, I'll get both.

The Body Shop sample was White Musk A/S Balm. Razor, Jagger Chatsworth with red personna.

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