Friday, March 4, 2011

In the pipeline

I have been testing some more sample brushes but have yet to decide on final specifications and the timing of production. These are all brushes with a 22mm knot set to a loft of 47mm.
On the left, a bulb shape High Mountain Badger, centre, a fan shape Super Badger Two Band and on the right another High Mountain Badger with a more rounded fan shape compared with the flatter top New Forest 2221. All these brushes have a firm backbone that will be popular with face latherers. If I do produce them, I think a 48mm loft will be the likely choice. I use these brushes regularly with a smile on my face. They are quite simply, superb. It's great fun, deciding on brushes you like , then getting them made and tested! I have several other ideas for brushes, one of them I might try soon. A New Forest "Tiny" A brush that will fit neatly into a vintage travel brush case. Dimensions of 19mm knot, 43mm loft and handle height of 31mm should be just fine. A more chunky handle than a Wee Scott. Watch this space!

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  1. Peter,

    Exciting news! Keep us posted!

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