Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today's shave

Crabtree & Evelyn Sienna soap is great value and an excellent performer with one of my Finest Silvertip brushes. Just one loop with string dropped the loft to 48 mm. That's the loft of the new brush out next month. After a bad nick yesterday I had some plasters in reserve. Not needed! Proraso balm doesn't get many mentions on the forums but it's another good value and satisfying product.


  1. Proraso balm is a great value. I use it as a daily aftershave and save the high cost balms and aftershaves for special outings and such.

    Enjoying your blog and my NF brush, cheers, Doug.

  2. Until I got back to traditional shaving, my wife bought my after shave balms - usually quite expensive. I now realise there are a great many products available for a relatively modest outlay.

  3. I like your blog!!!!
    Now a question to you or any of your readers:
    Is Feather better than Derby and Merkur blades to be used in a Merkur adjustable razor?
    (Since three weeks I use one! disposable twin blade razor, 10 pcs for 1 Euro, which I clean and dry thoroughly to avoid corrosion. Palmolive stick and a Plisson brush with rather comfortable octagonal handle from the seventies. Not very exciting!)

  4. I have found Feather blades just too sharp for me. But I haven't used them in an adjustable razor. I tried many blades before setting on Red Personna, Gillette Super thins and Swedes (only a few left)

    Try this link to TSR for a discussion I just started:


  5. Sorry, link doesn't work - copy and paste to web browser!