Thursday, December 31, 2009

Quite a year!

What a year it's been! I began the year with one Mach 3 razor, a few blades, a can of goo and one decent after shave. I now have a collection of brushes, blades, razors, creams, soaps and after shaves that will mean that I don't really have to spend another penny on shaving for several years.
And what fun it's been. Each new item has been thoroughly researched. Orders have been placed and deliveries have kept on coming. Trips to Hungerford Gentleman's Shop and a Lymington Barber for a cut throat shave and endless browsing in pharmacies. Videos on straight shaving studied and stropping technique practiced.
And the shaves. What a delight it's been to try so many different things. Much advice has been sought and given as I constantly seek to improve my shaving technique and practices. Browsing and contributing to forums and then this blog. It all adds up to a massive learning experience this year. And the shaves I get each day are incomparably better than I was achieving this time last year.

2010 should be very different! But time will tell.

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