Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Pre shave preparation

We all agree that before shaving it is essential to do some preparation before applying the lather we shave with.

But what preparation is really needed?

I have tried or experienced several pre shave routines:

Hot shower before shaving.

Hot wet towel or flannel.

Pre shave products - simple home made oil mixture, pre shave oil, hot face mask - and there are plenty of others.

Lather/hot towel/rinsing before application of the lather used for the first pass.

And then applying lather can be done quickly or at length, using painting or circular movements or both.

At minimum, we can simply wash the face with hot water and soap, rinse, then quickly apply lather.

Having tried several approaches, I have found little difference between them as far as the end result is concerned. Certainly nothing that justifies the time and expense that can be involved. So in my opinion, a thorough wash with soap and hot water and a good rinse is all that is really needed.

But!  As with all things for shaving aficionados, it is not about need and efficiency and cost justification. It is about enjoying a bit of personal pampering, indulgence and fun.

So I will continue to use up my pre shave oils, hot mask treatment, get out the hot towel and generally indulge myself, when I have the time. But if like yesterday, I need to be off in a hurry, its a quick wash,   face lathering, a couple of passes and I'm off. With a nice smooth and comfortable skin.

Other opinions?

Here are some:


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