Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ingram shaving cream

I have now used this for several days with a variety of brushes. Each time I have bowl lathered. What can I say? It creates great lather quickly and easily. A pleasant and not too strong menthol scent, enabled a nice smooth shave leaving the skin soft and moist. At £1.75 in Superdrug UK stores, it's great value and will now take a place in my regular rotation. I'm fast becoming a bit miserly with my spending on creams and soaps. I have just ordered some Boots Cool Cologne shaving cream for £1.05 which I will pick up from my local Boots store next week.


  1. Great to see you getting on well with the Ingrams, Peter! And bowl lathering too. My neighbour, whom I converted back to DE and gifted a tube of this to, bowl lathers his with great results. Guess I'm just a lazy face latherer. Pretty much only use this these days as I'm always in the mood for it and it never lets me down.

  2. Ingram cream is surprisingly liquid. Yet the lather is more than thick enough. I happily used it again today!