Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I bought a lot of brushes to include in my Fido's Shaving Brush Blog. I used them all to ensure I was able to give each one a fair assessment. Some I passed on or sold but I kept quite a few until fairly recently. I'm reaching the time of life now when it's perhaps time to enjoy passing on some of the things that I have accumulated through the years. Collections of bells, radios, telephones have all now been substantially reduced. But I always keep a few special favourites. Someone asked me recently which brushes I have kept. So I'll now start to list them. In no particular order, this is one that's still with me:

Rooney these days continues to be shrouded in mystery. No longer available in the Uk but a few brushes still sold on a couple of websites in the USA. The Rooney Finest is no longer available anywhere. It is a unique brush with hair like no other currently on the market. I wasn't over impressed when I first got it. But it is now one of my favourites that I've decided to keep.

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