Saturday, July 7, 2012

Comb your brushes

I wince when I see some "Shave of the day" photos of bedraggled damp brushes. Not many women would like to be photographed soon after leaving the shower. So after using a brush I shake out the water then lightly run it over a towel before combing through. Sometimes it's a good idea to give a brush a vigorous combing to remove loose hairs. It's quite common for many brushes, including the expensive high end brands, to regularly lose hairs and it's a bit irritating if any turn up on your face while lathering. So selective use of a comb on your brushes is worth doing.

This lovely shavemac 177 has responded well to a recent combing just after I used it. On the other hand are those a couple of loose hairs I've just spotted?

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