Saturday, February 20, 2010

A new venture

During my shaving blog research I contacted two factories who make knots, handles and complete shaving brushes for some famous makers and brands. I obtained quotations and minimum order quantities. Brushes are usually made for minimum orders of 500 but factories are willing to be flexible to encourage new businesses.
The retail prices of good quality brushes are a considerable mark up on the cost of production. As one would expect when a business has considerable overheads or are a main source of income for someone. But shaving products do not require substantial storage space and are the type of business ideally suited to internet operations. That's why there are so many small on line shaving product businesses operated from peoples homes.
I have traded and sold items on Ebay and Amazon for several years and began to realise it would be perfectly feasible to have made and sell a limited range of good quality shaving brushes. I'm not interested in running a business for maximum profit. The internet has enabled large numbers of enthusiasts to develop a hobby of their shaving interest. The sharing of information and knowledge has stimulated a growth in demand for all sorts of wet shaving products. Quality shaving brushes command high prices. Yet there is absolutely no reason why an enthusiast should not themselves make and supply shaving brushes at a highly competitive price if they are willing to take a modest risk and accept a modest profit margin.
So I have decided to get some sample brushes made to my own specification having had the opportunity to assess examples of all the major makers and brands currently available. I have received and tested some brushes already and revised specifications to achieve improvements. I hope soon to decide on a small range of just three or four grades of brush of a popular knot size, have them made to my own brand name, then offer them for sale at an attractive price through the shaving forums and internet outlets. Even if I do just one trial project, I will almost certainly go ahead with a small venture. Time will tell. I have no wish to be a major player. But it would be nice to enable enthusiasts and collectors to add a brush to their collection at a price they can afford. And it would be fun to try.


  1. Interesting research! I once say a youtube video on how a brush is made my hand.. LONG process!

  2. Thanks. A lot depend on the approach to making handles. Lathe turned or mould - makes a big difference!